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1. Peeling
The logs selected by TUBAO technicians working on controlled and certified plantations (Italian poplar, Basswood) and in accordance with the strict forestry legislation in force in Cameroon (Ayous) are debarked and converted into thin sheets by a peeling machine and then cut to the sizes required for the subsequent manufacturing process.

2. Dyeing
The key of the TUBAO producing process involves dyeing the sheets to obtain the desired color shade. As a result of the constant research into wood dyeing carried out in the TUBAO laboratories, dyeing systems based entirely on water cycles have been developed. The wood sheets are impregnated by immersion in steel tanks at controlled temperature, with the addition of soluble dyes with an organic structure and without chromium or other heavy metals.

3. Composition
According to the wood species to be reproduced or the required design, the dyed veneers are mixed, superimposed with the same fiber orientation and piled up for pressing.

4. Gluing
The block of piled up sheets proceeds to a gluing roller that spreads glue onto each sheet. The gluing operation has two important functions: it transforms the pack of sheets into a single unit and creates special patterns according to the color of the glue used.

5. Pressing
The block of glued sheets is introduced into a flat press or a press with particular moulds according to the required design. The particular moulds determine the crown or burl designs while the quarter cut designs are created with a flat mould and final cutting angles. At the end of the pressing stage, a compact rectangular block with a length of several meters and width and height about 70 cm is obtained. This is our TUBAO engineered wood block.

6. Squaring
The engineered wood block is suitably squared and sanded before being sliced or sawn to obtain veneers or boards.

7. Slicing
After being trimmed and squared, the TUBAO engineered wood block is sliced to obtain engineered (or reconstituted) veneer from 0.15 to 3 mm thick.

8. Final inspection
Every sheet undergoes meticulous quality inspection and if necessary will be repaired by experts.

TUBAO engineered veneer packing with plywood pallets. It is about 1100 sheets one pallets, and 18 pallets one 20’ FCL as the veneer size 2500*640*0.5mm.

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